About Us

Filmpower Inc. begin to design filmaking equipments from 2010.  Nebula series gyroscope stabilizer begin to ship from Aug 2013. The Nebula 5000 is the first full metal gyroscope stabilizer in the world. In NAB Show 2014, Nebula 6000 8Kg/18Lb is the biggest in the market. Next Nebula 5200 is fit for most popular cameras with great price. Nebula 4000 is the only single hand type for A7s GH4 BMPCC etc. Nebula ARM is best fit for many hand held gyroscope stabilizer for long time shot. All Nebula products with U.S. patents pending. More and more inventions will make Nebula powerful. Base on San Francisco, the hottest tech zone of U.S.A. Filmpower Inc. is growing fast and making hottest filmaking equipment.