About Us

Filmpower begins to design film-making equipment from 2010.  Filmpower introduced their first gyro gimbal for DSLR cameras, Nebula 5000 in 2013, they brought out the first single handheld gimbal, Nebula 4000 in 2014, they came up with the original 5-axis gyro stabilizer, Nebula 4200 in 2015. Then the Nebula Series was expanded in succession. Nebula 4100, the lightweight and compact 3-axis gimbal. Nebula 5100, our first 3-axis gimbal built in with encoder and the Nebula 5100 Slant, known for the “no screen blocking” design, also stood out from the single handheld gyro stabilizers in the market. After that, Filmpower introduced the Nebula 4300 and 5300 5-Axis stabilizers successively. According to the company strategy, besides the mainstream of our product line, they still concern about the expansion ability of our model. Paying attention to the versatility, they brought out many useful equipment in the event, including Nebula Focus, SHINYO smart light, VONO microphones, ORVI robotic arm. Up to now, Filmpower owns Nebula, VONO, SHINYO, ORVI 4 sub brands. Filmpowe will go farther and farther on the road of innovation, and bring better products and services to everyone.