Support Center

This page is set up for the customers who want to know more skills of the products as well as some

skills when customers encounter a problem,he can solve it by himself according to the tutorials.

If our customers meet some problems, he can follow the steps:

1. Please follow the video below and check ( all the products are similar). If it still not works, please follow step 2:

2. If you still can not solve it, please make a video to describe your problems and send us the parameters

screenshot.(You need to install a SimpleBGC in your computer to gain the parameters)

It would better you report us what camera and lens you often use. Please send to

3. We will respond to you within 2 business days. If necessary, we will make an appointment to help you online.

Your effort will be really appreciated.

Nebula turning APP

Nebula stabilizers turning APP for Nebula4500 & Nebula5300

Nebula 4200 Turning APP for PC

Manual books

Nebula 4500 5-axis slant manual book

Nebula 5100 slant manual book

Nebula tutorial videos

If you want more, please click here.