AImirror Smart mirror Android 14inch Touch screen Ultra-thin Ready to use


AImirror is not only a high-quality elegant mirror, but also an AI computer like never before. It has a CNC full aluminum arc frame and back and supported by a CNC all aluminum stand.Perfect for the fusion of art and technology. The smart mirror has a 10 inch touch screen with front and rear dual cameras. The AI Mirror only looks like a mirror on the surface because beneath that, a mighty powerful technological beating heart is to be found that will deliver a thoroughly impressive performance for all your home computing needs. You can talk to it, get answers, social media, play music, play videos, and enjoy your favorite games. And connect and control other smart devices in your home to experience what you have never experienced before. Smart Mirrors have audio microphones and speakers that let you turn on and control your favorite devices. It is also an elegant wireless charging platform that wirelessly charges your phone at any time. Powerful Android desktop system with a wealth of widgets that allow you to quickly and easily install any widget you like. Smart mirrors will blend seamlessly with your home and office environment to become an indispensable product in your life.

Frame size:14inch

Mirror size:13inch
Display size:10inch
System:Android 8.1
Control:touch screen control
Mirror:touch screen mirror
Front camera and Back camera
Mic:Audio Mic
Speaker :3Wx2