Nebula 4100 Tactical 3-Axis Handheld Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer Supports Flipping LCD Camera [out of stock]


Nebula 4100 Lite 3-Axis Handheld Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer

  • 32 BIT ARM controller + Dual IMUs sensor
  • Supports All Of The Mirrorless Cameras (1.2KG load capacity)
  • Cage for Camera to Quickly Install/Separate with Gimbal
  • Tool-Less Adjustment System
  • Joystick for Pitch/Yaw axis control
  • Gimbal Smart Battery Lasts 2 Hours and can be replaced
  • Powerful Brushless Motor With Silent Mode
  • Angle limit Protection for Three Axis
  • Hidden Cable Design
  • Smart Cage For Quick Switching Camera Over Gimbal And Tripod
  • Conveniently Placed Keys
  • Supports flipping LCD Camera


  • Smart battery and charger
  • Nebula storage case
  • Gimbal
  • Camera cage and tactical cage

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Nebula 4100 Brushless Gimbal Manual Book:

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Nebula Tactical Cage:

  • Support camera with flipping LCD

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