• [006] Nebula Focus Special Designed For Gyro Stabilizer And Solo Shooters

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    Filmpower, brilliant 10th anniversary.


    Nebula 10-year commemorative edition

    Nebula 5100 Slant 3-Axis Single Handheld Gimbal Built-in Encoder - No screen blocking


    Nebula 5100 Lite 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Built-in Encoder


    Nebula 4300 5-Axis Gyro Stabilizer Built-in Encoder


    Nebula 5300 5-Axis Gyro Stabilizer Built-in Encode


    Nebula 4100 Slant 3-Axis Single Handheld Gimbal Built-in Encoder For Mirrorless Cameras


    Filmpower Gift

    Nebula Focus special designed for gyro stabilizer and solo shooters. Its Original standalone modeling control design making it more convenient for setup and use, also it provides two ways for setup: you can directly connect it with the hot shoe or you can use a traditional slide. Beside the wireless design, silent motor and a long battery life, the Nebula Focus supports ultrasonic distance measurement with an instant display on the Thumb remote controller, the most impressive thing is that this function may get updated to achieve Auto Focus in the future.


    • Follow focus controller*1
    • Wireless remote controller*1
    • Connection unit*1
    • Hot shoe setup unit*1
    • Slide setup unit*1
    • Focus ring*1
    • Hexwrench*1
    • Dual-port USB charger*1
    • USB date wire*1
    • Nebula Focus storage case*1


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    Filmpower: Shooting intelligence,the power of film.

    Nebula 5100 Slant: No screen blocking

    Nebula 5100 Lite: Small body, big power.

    Nebula 4300 5-Axis 

    Nebula 5300 5-Axis: More space, more bearing.

    Nebula Focus: Focus the focus.



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