【Accessories】Nebula 4300 Gyro Jib (Aluminum alloy material) with Nebula REMOTE for new shooting plan


Nebula 4300 Gyro Jib (Aluminum alloy material) with Nebula REMOTE for new shooting plan

  • The Lightest Jib (Only weights for 2kg)
  • Tool-less set-up system
  • No need to balance (Just turn on the gimbal and the camera keeps stable)
  • All wireless control
  • Supports more accessories
  • Two installation modes (Normal and Hanged)


  • Jib package*1
  • Nebula Gyro Jib (Aluminum alloy material) *1
  • Phone holder*1
  • Rotating unit*1
  • Counterweight fastener*2
  • Counterweight hook*1

Nebula REMOTE Manual Book: