• 【RENTAL】party cat mirror booth with backdrop props and print rental $180 per hour


    The party cat mirror booth is a beautifully designed magic mirror photo booth with a chic style, perfect for the events market. With its cutting edge software Quick print and portable build you will find beauty in both its features and its form.

    Include :Party cat mirror booth*1/ backdrop*1/props 20sets /digital photo/60 4x6 photos printing

    (For each additional 30 4*6 photos printing $35 https://filmpower.us/products/additional-30-46-photos-print-35 )

    1 At least two hours 2 You can buy rental services and payments directly 3 Add your time/persons/location/contact name phone and email in the payment memo

    Just sent mail to nebula@filmpower.com if you have any questions.