Nebula 4200 Pro Gyroscope Stabilizer For 5DRS 5D3 5D2 A7S Gimbal [out of stock]


Nebula 4200 Pro Gyroscope Stabilizer

  • Stabilizer weight 3.5lbs, load 5.5lbs
  • 32bit double sensor controller
  • Bluetooth tuning and parameter setting
  • The next generation single/double exchange operation
  • Support all of dslr and mirrorless cameras
  • 3 minutes quick start all the tool-free adjustment
  • Powful motor and silent mode
  • Gimbal smart battery lasts 2 hours and can be replaced


  • double handle stabilizer 
  • single handle
  • battery
  • battery charger
  • 1 camera mounting plates
  • hardcase

Nebula 4200 Turning Apps Download:

Nebula 4200 Manual Book:

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Nebula REMOTE:

  • Remote the pitch axis and yaw axis of the gimbal.
  • Controls DSLR and mirrorless camera of Canon, Sony to record.

Nebula Gyro Jib:

  • The first wireless Gyro Jib, support Nebula 4200 series/ Nebula 4100/ Nebula 5300, perfect worked with Nebula products and remote.

Nebula 4200 Tactical Grip:

Nebula 4200 5 axis gyroscope stabilizer

Nebula 4200lite gyroscope stabilizer