[010] VONO Shotgun Lite Recording Microphone Suitable For All Types Of Cameras And Recording Equipments

$60.00 $54.00

With wide and smooth frequency response and high sensitivity, it’s suitable for all types of cameras and recording equipment. Vono lite only weights for 170g while having a metal body with a shock-absorbing design to keep a high quality sound effect. The two sound head are built-in mutually perpendicular with double audio frequency line to achieve stereophonic pickup effect. 

  • Receiver & motor 2 in 1 making it more compact
  • Direct setup with the hot shoe/slide
  • Wireless design  with built-in battery
  • Convenient thumb remote controller
  • Free adjusting as your habit and need


  • Nebula Vono Shotgun Lite*1
  • Deluxe Windshield*1
  • Foam Windshield*1